Feb 06

You Too Can Find Success Learning Chinese

Yellow on the outside and white on the inside

If you have previously tried learning Chinese with little success, you might consider it an incredibly difficult venture. What is more, it is something of a worldwide myth that Chinese is almost impossible to learn. Now, what if someone told you you could learn to speak and write Chinese in little over a month? Even […]

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Jan 24

Chinese is not just spoken in China, right?

Chinese Street Performance

WHY LEARN CHINESE TODAY There is a new wave that has seen more persons develop an interest in learning Chinese and becoming fully literate in the language. Should you join the trend? Is it really worth it? Indeed, there are many reasons why you should consider learning Chinese today. Learning Chinese offers you many benefits, […]

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Jan 17

Why Learning Chinese Is Much Easier Than You Think

Boom Easy As That

Why Learning Chinese Is Much Easier Than You Think Have you ever heard the common rhetoric that Chinese Mandarin is the most difficult language you could learn? Do you agree with it? Why do you? Well, let’s get this out of the way first of all: 1. Chinese characters are much different from the regular […]

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