You Too Can Find Success Learning Chinese

Feb 06
Yellow on the outside and white on the inside

If you have previously tried learning Chinese with little success, you might consider it an incredibly difficult venture. What is more, it is something of a worldwide myth that Chinese is almost impossible to learn. Now, what if someone told you you could learn to speak and write Chinese in little over a month? Even if this didn’t mean completely mastering the language, would you think it realistic?

As someone who has grown up learning to speak English and learning just about everything in English (and Malay), the switch to Chinese can be difficult. You will find that learning it can be a little daunting. Yes, as a ‘banana’ you probably were taught some Chinese while in school. How successful was that? My guess is not much; hence, your desire to learn it again at this stage. You’ve probably also attempted learning this wonderful language of ours previously with little success.

Yellow on the outside and white on the inside

Yellow on the outside and white on the inside (Image Source: Giphy)

Interestingly, if you are of Chinese descendant, you might agree that your parents are likely very proficient in their reading and speaking of Chinese. You also are likely to have friends who are proficient at it. So who’s to say Chinese is impossible to learn! As a matter of fact, it can be very fun too!

Still in doubt? Do I hear those silent thoughts going through your mind? “No, Chinese is much different!” “No, Chinese has over 40,000 characters!” “No, Chinese is way too difficult!” If that’s what you are thinking, you are not alone. Many of us, bananas, have found it difficult learning Chinese for the above stated reasons and more. Still, it is not an impossible language. As with any language, it has been learned by natives and non-natives alike. It is understandable and learnable. What is more, it is interesting and fun to learn when you begin to consider the stories behind the characters.

Yes, Chinese can be learned by you too! You can learn to speak, read, and write Chinese, and it is my aim to help you do that.  If you are like me, you might right now be wondering, “I’ve given this so much opportunities. I’ve tried my best. I think there’s no way I could possibly learn it.” Take a deep breath and give it yet another shot. I did find success in my personal quest to read and write Chinese, and you can too! If only you give it the right shot.