Give your ​Business​ a competitive Edge.

​Our Corporate ​Chinese Mandarin Course is designed to equip corporate professionals with the ​knowledge and ability to converse in Chinese, ​quickly and effectively. ​

​Led by our Chief Trainer, Ms Ng Wen Li, a native speaker and professionally trained Mandarin Language educator, we are dedicated in equipping your human resource with the ability to communicate professionally in the most widely spoken language in the world. We are a registered training provider with the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF), an agency under the purview of the Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia, which provides training grants to its registered members.

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​Learn​ Chinese Mandarin For Business & Corporate Team Building

With China’s rapid rise as a major player in the global economic stage and increasing bilateral trade between the Malaysian and Chinese governments, more and more people are starting to deal with China, be it for business or leisure. 

​Corporate companies with a vested interest in the mainland Chinese market, be it in China or in Malaysia, have the most to gain to equip their human resource with the necessary language skills to communicate effectively and build lasting working relationships or “Guanxi”.

There is a vast difference between colloquial Chinese Mandarin for everyday use and Chinese Mandarin for business to successfully close a deal or sale with finesse. To make the matter worse, colloquial and business Chinese Mandarin are different in Malaysia and China. Langbotic’s Corporate Mandarin Course is more than a generic language course. Participants of our Corporate Chinese Mandarin Course will learn how to converse, read, and type in Chinese Mandarin as well as techniques for improving relationships with Chinese clients, buyers and suppliers.

Our Corporate Chinese Mandarin Course is suitable for general businesses, including the retail and hospitality industry. We are more than happy to customise the Corporate Chinese Mandarin Course to a specific industry and to accommodate the participants’ learning level where required.  Learn with Langbotic today, to propel your business to new heights tomorrow.

​Specially Developed & Engaging Content

​​At Langbotic, we employ an effective combination of unique teaching techniques and engaging course materials to make learning Mandarin a fun and seamless process.

We believe that in order to master Chinese Mandarin, one must first master Chinese Radicals ​. As Chinese characters are developed from pictographs and ideographs, we have produced a series of entertaining animated videos as a learning tool to boost word-character association and encourage a deeper understanding of Chinese Radicals.

​Training Is Now An Asset, ​Not An Expense

​Corporate students will have exclusive access to video playbacks which mirror the content taught in class. View the video playbacks anytime, from anywhere, to review and refresh on each lesson at your leisure.

We are able to develop dedicated E-Learning platforms for corporate clients looking to incorporate learning Chinese Mandarin as part of their human resource development for existing as well as future employees.

​Learn With Tech

​The key to mastering the Chinese Mandarin language is to practise, practise, practise. Practise conversation, reading and typing in Chinese Mandarin with our Artificial Intelligence Chat Bot.  

From everyday situations to the whimsical, our AI Chat Bot features different role-playing scenarios to further enhance your understanding of the Chinese Mandarin language. We can also customize role-playing scenarios that are specific to the industry of our corporate clients making the scenarios more relatable and relevant.

​Game On!

It’s not always fun and games, but it can be! Learning Chinese Mandarin doesn’t have to be dull and boring. We utilise online language games to encourage engagement, learning, and student interaction.

Course Customization

​We understand that different companies have different goals and objectives in the development of their human resource. Whether you’re looking to equip your employees with the ability to effectively communicate in Chinese for business or a fun and rewarding team building exercise where everyone learns a new skill together, Langbotic can specially customize a course that is relevant to your industry to meet your corporate goals and objectives.

​Let's Talk

​Communicate your requirements and objectives to Langbotic for the customised course.


​Based on your brief, Langbotic will devise the ideal course structure to meet your objectives.


​Langbotic will present our proposed course structure that ensures maximum impact and effectiveness.


​Langbotic will make the necessary refinement to the proposed course structure based on your feedback.

​Done Deal

​Upon your confirmation, Langbotic will move forward to the development and execution stage.

​Let's Get Started!

​Langbotic will develop the necessary materials for your customized course and commence the course within the agreed timeline.

Executive Report

​As part of our commitment to guarantee our corporate students receive an effective and quality learning experience, Langbotic will provide detailed progress and performance reports for each student. From punctuality to in-class engagement, Langbotic will track and develop detailed individual assessment reports on each corporate student for management evaluation. ​The invaluable assessment reports will provide transparency and visibility to aid the performance improvement of each student, as well as, business auditing..

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