​One-On-One Training

At Langbotic, we believe the best way to learn Chinese Mandarin is through Group Learning. Our One-on-One Learning sessions serve as a supplementary learning aid to the Group Learning courses we offer.

No two students are alike. Hence we personalise our One-on-One Learning sessions to cater to the learning needs of the student.

We aim to make ​every session as productive and effective as possible. Traditionally, teacher and student may waste 30 minutes assessing the student’s progress before the real teaching begins. With the help of Langbotic learning technology, we can digitally capture and compile each student’s learning progress. This invaluable data allows teachers to immediately identify the student’s strengths and weaknesses, and focus on what really matters – improving your proficiency in Chinese Mandarin.

Step up your Chinese Mandarin learning game, and book a One-on-One Learning session with one of our teachers​.

Book Online Now - RM120 per hour held at Langbotic